Make the most of your data.

Launchpad Analytics is a boutique consulting firm and technical training provider that helps clients use data to drive their decision making process.


We work with the latest data tools and technologies to deliver services ranging from data strategy implementation and business intelligence solutions to cloud data infrastructure implementation.


With experience across many of the leading data tools and technologies, our services can be used to unlock deep insights into your organization's data as well as augment your existing data team.

Next-Level Data Training

Our professional curriculum and content development team has produced world-class content spanning data analytics, data science, data engineering, and more.

Live Workshops

We host a variety of technical workshops for the community, both in-person and online. Check our socials for our upcoming events!

Custom Training

We provide customized training sessions tailored to your business's needs, from internal training to conference presentations.

Meet the Founder

Kelly Hopkins is a full-stack data consultant from the Philadelphia area.

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